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Find Movie Showtimes in Korea the Easy Way: with Google

Possibly the easiest way to find showtimes for movies (nearly anywhere) in the world is to use Google Search. The advantage of using Google Search is that it is easy, clean, simple, and quick. But if you want a Smart Phone app (where you can also watch movie previews for current and upcoming movies), check out this other post.

To find showtimes in Google, quite simply just type:


into the Search Bar. This is what you’ll get:

Google Search showtimes
Google Search showtimes

Google will read your IP address (which tells it where in the world your computer is located) and will return the showtimes in your local city. Click the “Movies for CityName” link or the “Change location” link to change cities.

You should see a screen that looks similar to the following:

Google showtimes list
Google showtimes list

The organization of the page is so clean and easy to read. It’s much simpler than going directly to any of the major cinema websites to search.

Do you use Google Search to find movie showtimes? What other cool tricks do you know with Google Search?

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