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Find Movie Showtimes in Korea with the Buzzni Smart Phone App

I previously wrote about using Google Search to quickly and efficiently discover local movie showtimes. (Find that post here). This post will go over the best smart phone app for movie showtimes in Korea (you don’t even need to know how to read Korean to use it – though it might help!).

The advantage of Google Search is its speed and simplicity, but the advantages of this smart phone app include:

  1. You can see movie ratings (to help you find the best ones and avoid the worst ones)
  2. Watch previews for movies that look interesting
  3. Find a schedule (including movie posters and previews) for upcoming (a previously released movies)
  4. Search multiple local cinemas with a few simple button clicks

Buzzni Movie Guide (버즈니 영화가이드)

The best smart phone app for movie showtimes is Korea is Buzzni. Find it on the Play Store here. (You could also search for “Buzzni” or “버즈니 영화” if you choose to). Download and install the app.

Buzzni on the Play Store
Download Buzzni

Using Buzzni

When you start up Buzzni (after the initial splash screen), you’ll be greeted with a screen that has a long list of movies (as shown below). This is a list of all the current and upcoming movies in Korea.

Buzzni splash screen
Buzzni main page

Under each movie title, you’ll notice a yellow-orange number. This is the popularity rating of the movie. Click any of the movies to see more information about it or even watch the preview.

You should also see FIVE icons at the bottom of the screen. Pictured above, they are:

  1. 상영작
  2. 극장
  3. 추천
  4. 검색
  5. 커뮤니티

To find information about your local movies, click Icon 2:

near my location

The default page that opens (left image) is called “내 극장” and means “My Location” – which is where you can set your “Home” location for easy access. I’ve not done that yet, because it’s just as easy to click the second Tab at the top that says “주변극장” and means “Nearby Locations.” When you click that Tab, it will use your GPS to grab a list of the theaters that are closest to you. (And the cool thing is, it even tells you just how many kilometers away each one is!)

Now all you have to do is click one of the theaters to grab its showtimes. Dates are divided among tabs at the top of the movie listings, and if you click any movie you can also watch previews – or even reserve tickets directly from the app! (If you know enough Korean.)


Which movie do you most want to see these days?

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