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Jeonju City Bus Routes Guidebook

Update: Perhaps you’d prefer to learn how to find Jeonju City bus routes dynamically on the Internet rather than combing over this lengthy guide? Click here to learn how to search Daum Maps for bus routes to and from where you want to go.

 Download it!

Jeonju City Bus Routes Guidebook Cover

Download it!

About the Guidebook

All of the information within this guidebook is freely available online at:

However, it is not incredibly easily accessible from there, nor is it easily searchable. Compiling everything into this guidebook (though it is in entirely in Korean) should help people be able to better understand Jeonju’s city buses and routes, as well as plan there trips and find appropriate buses to take.

Below is a sample page from the book:

Jeonju City Bus Routes Guidebook Sample page

 Additional Resources

  1. Original information from the Jeonju City site
  2. Possibly updated information from another Jeonju site
  3. Mobile bus route site (same as above, but mobile)
  4. Daum Maps (with bus stops)
  5. iPhone/iPad app
  6. Android app

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