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Beginner Vocabulary Day 8

Vocabulary List 2.3

  1. (place)에 가다 = To go to (place)
    저는 지금 집에 가요.
    I’m going home now.
  2. 수업 = Class, lesson
    한국어 수업은 참 재밌어요.
    Korean class is super interesting!
  3. 정말 = Really, truly
    내 여자친구는 정말 예뻐요.
    My girlfriend is really pretty!
  4. (noun) 하고 = With
    나하고 같이 가요.
    Go together with me.
  5. 요즘 = Recently
    요즘 날씨가 쌀쌀해요.
    The weather has been chilly recently.
  1. 잘 = Good, well
    정말 잘 했어요.
    You did a really great job!
  2. 못 = Not
    저는 못가요.
    I can’t go.
  3. 지내요 = Spend your time
    가족과 좋은 시간을 보내요.
    Have a good time with your family.
  4. 안녕히계세요. = Goodbye (leaving)
    어머니, 안녕히계세요.
    Mom, see you later.
  5. 안녕히가세요. = Goodbye (staying)
    선생님, 안녕히가세요.
    Teacher, goodbye.
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