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FULL Beginner Class Vocabulary List

Here is the complete collection of vocabulary papers from the Beginner Class (including the first 200 words in the True Beginner class). Supplementary vocabulary is not included here, so the total amount of vocabulary contained here is 900 words.

FULL Vocab List Download (PDF)

There are 50 words per week (10 per day) over the course of 18 weeks.

True Beginner Vocabulary Section
True Beginner Vocabulary Section
Beginner Vocabulary Section
Beginner Vocabulary Section

The list also includes writing squares for practicing Hangul writing in the True Beginner section (True Beginner weeks 1-4). And Korean sentences are included for each vocabulary word in the Beginner section (Beginner weeks 1-14).

For English translations of the Korean sentences, please refer to our Vocabulary Videos, which are all linked on the Beginner Class Resources page.

NEW Vocab Cheat Sheets

The following Cheat Sheets were designed to help me cram for the TOPIK test. Take a look.

  1. 500 Basic Korean Verbs Cheat Sheet
  2. 500 Basic Korean Adjectives Cheat Sheet
  3. 500 Verbs + 500 Adjectives Cheat Sheet Bundle



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23 thoughts

  1. Aaron, I really appreciate the time it took to compile these vocab lists and videos, as well as your advice on the selection of books to study for the TOPIK. I’m taking the test in three months, and your website has been a fantastic source of valuable information. Keep up the good work!

    1. Great! Glad to be of assistance! I’ll also be taking the NEW TOPIK on July 20 this year in Jeonju. Where will you do yours? Are there any additional posts (TOPIK or non-TOPIK related) that you’d like to see put up on our site? I’m all ears~ ^^

      1. Aaron, I’ll be taking the TOPIK in the fall in Seoul or Suwon, as I live in Cheonan. No additional posts needed as yet. There’s so much material to digest as is. Right now I’m trying to get through the Darakwon Beginner’s grammar book. Again, many thanks for all the help. Cheers!

        1. Sounds great! I’ll personally be signing up for the 1st of the NEW TOPIK tests (the 35th test) to be held on July 20 (it’ll be the first time Intermediate and Advanced levels are combined). Registration for that test begins next Monday (June 9).

          Also, if you’re interested in more effectively studying vocabulary, I recently uploaded ALL our vocab to Quizlet ( I’ve been using this on and off to review and learn new vocab and it’s been incredibly effective. I’ll be posting about how and why I use Quizlet soon~~

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into this.
    Sorry to be a dimwit… Is the FULL Beginner Class Vocabulary List all TOPIK vocabulary? I know all learning is useful, but I really want to focus on what I need to learn for the TOPIK at the moment.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for the good question. There is no “official” list of TOPIK vocabulary available anywhere because each test is totally different. That being said, each test will contain a common set of words that are generally considered to be the “first” few hundred words you ought to learn in Korean.

      Because I’ve personally gone through each book that we teach and selected EACH and EVERY new word that appears throughout the course of the books, the two Lower level FULL vocab lists that we provide do contain a very relevant and comprehensive list of vocabulary that you can expect to see on the TOPIK:

      It is recommended that learners know up to 2,000 words to be successful up to TOPIK Level 2, so because our two lists contain a total of 3110 words, you’ll be more than adequately prepared for TOPIK if you study both lists.

      Take it from me: I scored 91 out of 100 on TOPIK Level 2 after studying both lists.

      1. Hi Aaron,

        Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve lived in Korea for a year and taken some classes, but my level is still very low. I’m finding improving my Korean quite daunting at the moment but sites like this really help. Thank you.

    1. The blanks are there just to practice your handwriting. We usually have students write the words 5 times each or so to get a feel for how the handwriting part of the language flows.

        1. If you mean the 500 Verbs and 500 Adjectives lists, then I don’t have those quite yet. They may be upcoming in the future.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this wonderful list! I’m on week 2 and it’s going well for me. I can remember the words perfectly. I’d just like to point out the korean translation of cat. It should be 고양이. Thank you for this useful module! ^^

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