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Amazing Resource: Practice TOPIK Questions Online!

I recently stumbled upon this amazing resource from the National Institute for International Education (NIIED):


There’s a lot of good stuff on here including:

  1. 5 Diagnosis Tests (50 questions each) – to help gauge your level
  2. 10 Beginner Level Sample Questions (30 questions each)
  3. 10 Intermediate Level Sample Questions (30 each)
  4. 10 Advanced Level Sample Questions (30 each)
  5. At least 12 video lectures I can currently see in “My Page” under the TOPIK 초급 과정 4기 course (“Apply” for a course)
Video lecture opening
Video lecture opening
Sample video lecture page
Sample video lecture page

But you’ll have to Sign-up and Login to take advantage of most of those features.

There are also great sections explaining the Korean language and its value; outlining the TOPIK test and possible applications (reasons) for taking it; describing the Evaluation Policies for the test; and introducing question trends (for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels).

But the feature I want to look at today is the Sample Questions area.

Doing Sample Questions on

Before we go much further, there are some warnings to be shared.

  1. The site still seems to be under construction, so I received many 404 errors – particularly on pages like “Enrollment History” and all the Lecture Titles in my “Study Room” (though the Lecture Videos all seem to work).
  2. When doing the sample questions, the site times out quite quickly – so you will find yourself continually getting a “Timed Out” error if you submit answers slowly. The best solution to this problem is: write down all your answers on a piece of paper; close the Sample Questions window you’re working on; then, reopen it and quickly submit all your answers.
  3. Internet Explorer gives the same “Timed Out” errors (no, this time, IE doesn’t fix the Korean website). And the Diagnosis Questions don’t even open properly in IE6.

After joining the site and logging in, go to the “Course Instructions/Apply -> Sample Questions” link in the top menu.

online-topik-practiceFrom here, you can choose Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level. Then, select one of the Sample Question links.

The following window should pop up:


Reminder: since this “Quiz” is 30 questions long, and this website give “Timed Out” errors quickly, it’s best to:

  1. Write down all your answers on a piece of paper.
  2. Close the Sample Questions window you’re working on.
  3. Then, reopen it and quickly submit all your answers.

If you’re successful, you should get a page that shows you how well you did – including all the right answers (shown below). If you’re unsuccessful, you’ll get a “Timed Out” error and will have to retry.


And when you close this window and go back to the previous page, you’ll see that you’ve now successfully completed one of the Sample Question Quizzes. And if you mouseover it, it will show you your “quick results.”

Unfortunately, there seems to be no option yet to go back and redo a previous quiz, so do your best the first time!


What do you think of this resource? Will it change the way you study for TOPIK?

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