Grammar Points Covered In Beginner Classes

Sogang University Compact Series 1These are the grammar points covered in the Beginner class. If you know all of these and/or think you have a pretty good grasp of Korean vocabulary and grammar already, then check out the list of Low Intermediate grammar to see if you should advance to the next class.

  1. Basic sentence structure
  2. Verb conjugations
  3. Adjectives and conjugations
  4. Informal polite, formal polite (honorifics), plain style conjugations
  5. Honorific verbs and nouns (and conjugations ~다 = ~시다)
  6. ~이다 (be verb)
  7. ~있다/~없다
  8. Wh- Question words
  9. Numbers
  10. Counters (개, 명, 병, 권, etc)
  11. How to tell the date (numbers)
  12. How to tell the time (numbers)
  13. ~에/~에서
  14. ~부터(에서)/~까지
  15. 이/가, 은/는, 을/를
  16. How much, how many, how long?
  17. Verb tense: Past, Present, Future
  18. Negation (안)
  19. Prepositions (위/아래/앞/뒤/옆/사이)
  20. ~하고/~(이)랑/~와/과
  21. Joining sentences: And ~고~, But ~지마~, Therefore ~서~
  22. ~으러/~으로
  23. Can/can’t (~을 수 있/없다), know/don’t know how (~을 줄 아라/몰라요)
  24. Want to (~고 싶어요), Have tried/experienced (~아/어 봤어요)
  25. Must (~아/어야 해요), Intend to (~으려고 해요)
  26. Shall we? (을 까요?), Please do sth (~아/어 주세요)
  27. Sports & music (~하다, ~치다, ~타다)
  28. More than (~보다/더), Most (제일/가장)
  29. Body words
  30. Irregular verbs & adjectives