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30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge: Day #23 – Practice your Korean language flow and fluency by remaking a TV advertisement (광고)


Yesterday’s post was all about learning a Korean dialect. So, I thought it would be fun to issue a Challenge to remake the commercial above with your voice (or choose another Korean TV commercial). Here’s the how and the why of this Challenge:


  1. Choose a TV or radio commercial (광고) to remake.
  2. Have a Korean friend help you write down the spoken Korean properly.
  3. Study the vocabulary and grammar.
  4. Rewatch and rewatch the commercial to study the flow and connectivity between syllables.
  5. Mimic the commercial as it is playing.
  6. Speak together with the commercial in real-time.
  7. When you’re confident in your ability to keep up and maintain the original flow and feeling, record yourself announcing it.
  8. Feel free to overlay only your voice over the original video, or go all out and completely recreate the commercial with your own video acting!

(Alternatively, you could choose to pick up one of those many advertisement flyers that are dropped in mailboxes or sprinkled around Korea and read it aloud into the camera. But the point here is to mimic the proper flow, feeling, and fluency of a native speaker. So, if you do choose to read a paper advert, try to get a Korean friend to help you get the flow and pronunciation perfect before recording your video.)


  1. For starters, it’s just plain fun to do something like this.
  2. You can learn new words and phrases.
  3. You learn to pay attention to advertisements and not just tune them all out.
  4. You start to listen for content and gist if you can’t understand all the words.
  5. You practice speaking with the flow and fluency of a native.
  6. Your pronunciation will improve.
  7. Your syllable connections and flow will improve.
  8. And if you write it all down to study, 1) your writing and 2) your reading will both also improve.


So, today’s Challenge is to find an advert that you’d like to remake.

#23: Choose an advert to remake. Study it, learn it, and have a Korean help you fix pronunciation and fluency problems. Then, record it!

Hashtags today are:

#k2k3023 #ImOnTV


Here are a few more TV adverts for your viewing (and recording) consideration:

The Korea Foundation

Pizza Etang (slang)

iPhone 4S


Columbia Sportswear

Pizza Maru

Coca-Cola (무한도전 version)

What do you think of Korean TV advertisements? Are they more or less fun/effective than your country’s adverts?

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