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iPhone Resource: TOPIK One – The BEST TOPIK test prep app now available for iDevices!

Find the Android version here.


Great news! TOPIK One (the BEST TOPIK test prep app for Android) is now available on iDevices as well! Nice job, , thanks for finishing up this amazing resource! And just like the Android version, there are 4 varieties:


Contains 100 Beginner; 100 Intermediate; 100 Advanced questions.
(Tests 23회 and 24회)



Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions. (2,300 won)



Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions (2,300 won)



Contains 14 previous exams (17회-30회).
1400 questions. (2,300 won)

App Features

Just like the Android version, this app includes all the parts of the TOPIK test:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading

And it includes:

  • Instant answer checking (click any answer to see a red Wrong 🙁 box or green Correct! box pop up)
  • Instant dictionary (click any word to open a pop-up dictionary from the bottom of the screen)
  • Ability to save your answers (auto-saves)
  • Ability to download audio files (Wifi connection recommended as file sizes are large)

Compare to Android here:

Android version
Android version
iPhone version
iPhone version

All in all, the iPhone version of the app looks a little smoother and cleaner (but that might just be the default way Apple iPhones render the code).

Be sure to bookmark Andre’s TOPIK One site for updates! As the new TOPIK 31st test will happen this Sunday, I anticipate that he’ll probably load that (with answers) onto the Android and iPhone apps within a few months (after the test and answer key are publicly released).

App Review

I’m very happy that this app is finally available for iPhone. As I mentioned in the Android review, it’s app that I would have liked to program myself. It also supports landscape view so that flipping the phone on the side gives you larger text to read.

All in all 5 STARS for this app.

P.S. Andre has mentioned that he’s planning to optimize the app for iPad next. Are you anticipating that?

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