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TOPIK Beginner Writing Samples (Tests 10-20)

One of the BEST things I ever studied while preparing for the TOPIK test was the sample answers that the TOPIK website provides.

TOPIK Beginner Writing Topics & Samples (10-20).DOCX

So, I’ve decided to collect ALL the previous TOPIK Writing topics and examples provided by into a single document. However, since there are so many, I’ve decided to split the larger document into 2 smaller parts with 10 previous tests each (TOPIK Writing began from test 10).

Here are Tests 10-20, while this link will take you to Tests 21-30:

TOPIK Test sample writing answers

Why were these writing samples so great?

Simply, I could see some of the grammar structures and vocabulary that would give me more points on the test if I used them. If you want some specific examples of how I studied with these sample essays, check out my post on tests 21-30 where I detail some of the grammar structures I learned and used:

And if you just want to see the entire collection of Beginner Writing Topics, click below:

How have the TOPIK sample answers helped you on TOPIK?

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