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Korean Rock: Transfixion Covers “Beautiful Girl” (미인 “美人” – 1974)

This is one of those songs that always makes me smile.

Even famous rock guitarist 김도균 smiles and exclaims, “참 잘했습니다!” (“Very great job!”) afterwards. Unfortunately, the band only receives a 120-point score (in this “Top Band” competition), so they are sent packing (though 김도균 was sure they should have received at least 190 points (7:16)).

Start the video at 1:23 to see a portion of the original song followed by the band’s performance.

(Oh, and if you want to know what he yells at the beginning, it’s the same thing he yells before every song: 소리질러!~ (“Make some noise!”)

Here are the lyrics written by 신중현 in 1974:

” 가사

(신중현과 엽전들 – 1974)

한번보고 두번보고 자꾸만 보고싶네
아름다운모습을 자꾸만 보고싶네
누구나 한번보면 자꾸만 보고싶네
그 누구의 애인 정말로 궁금하
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네


Vocabulary (including Hanja “Chinese” characters)

  • 미 (美) = beautiful
  • 인 (人) = person
  • 한번 = once; 두번 = twice;
  • 자꾸만 = continually – slang (non-slang = 계속)
  • 아름다운 = beautiful
  • 모습 = form, shape
  • 누구 = who
  • 애인 = wife
  • 정말로 = really
  • 궁금하다 = wondering (curious)
  • 모두 = everything (everyone)
  • 나도 = me too


  • A/V-네요 = “Wow! Certainly!”
  • 보고싶네 = certainly want to look
  • 궁금하네 = certainly must wonder
  • 사랑하네 = certainly would love
  • A/V-(으)면 = “If/when/once”
  • 보면 = once you see her
  • A-(으)ㄴ가요? V-나요? = gentle wondering question
  • 인가 = wonder who is…?

All grammar point are covered in our Low Intermediate classes (chapters 16, 21, and 22 respectively).

Rough Translation

한번보고 두번보고 자꾸만 보고싶네
Look once, look twice, want to continually keep looking.
아름다운 그 모습을 자꾸만 보고싶네
Beautiful, her form, want to continually keep looking.
그 누구나 한번보면 자꾸만 보고싶네
Who, once seeing her, wouldn’t want to keep looking?
그 누구의 애인인가 정말로 궁금하네
Whose wife is she? You really wonder.
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네
Everyone would certainly love her, I’d certainly love her too.
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네
Everyone would certainly love her, I’d certainly love her too.

한번보도 두번보고 자꾸만 보고싶네
아름다운 그 모습을 자꾸만 보고싶네
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네

한번보도 두번보고 자꾸만 보고싶네
아름다운 그 모습을 자꾸만 보고싶네
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네
모두 사랑하네 나도 사랑하네

What do you think of this rock cover?

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  1. Awesome! do you know if all the 노래방 have this song? I have a 노래 night next week 🙂

    1. I’m sure they have this one – it was quite popular in its day and has been covered and remade many times. It might be the original version in the 노래방 or one of the covers, but I’m sure not this specific cover because this band Transfixion isn’t yet well-known. Until they were on the TV shows “Top Band” they were playing in clubs in Seoul as part of the indie music scene there.

      Also, if you want some more good rock, I guarantee that EVERY 노래방 has this song: YB – Flying Butterfly. It’s one of the most popular and well-known rock songs ever in Korea (to my knowledge).

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