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Rock on Korea! Indie Bands (Review and Featured Artists)

I recently stumbled across this TV program on Arirang TV (Korea’s English-only broadcasting channel).

**Video updated: 5.13.2014

I do NOT like Arirang TV for a number of reasons:

  1. The English narration is emotionless and flat.
  2. It’s very clearly enunciated – probably for the benefit of Korean English-language-learners, and boring.
  3. Rather than using 김도균’s actual voice and subtitling his actual words (which is far more interesting), they just have him act (he’s clearly not an actor) and dub over English (from someone who’s clearly not a voice actor).
  4. The “rock” music featured on this particular program is quite watered down – they use the “poppy” versions of many of these songs, and virtually drop the bass, guitars, and drums to 50% volume.

However, there are a few things they got RIGHT:

  1.  The artists featured are some of the BEST Indie rock bands in Korea.
  2. The host is good (even though the voice-over stinks).
  3. The look at the music, videos, and backgrounds of the bands is great.

Below, find ALL of the featured artists and links to the songs that are featured in this episode. Enjoy!

Artists Featured:

  1. 김도균 – host
  2. 신중현 (Shin Joong-Hyun) – 미인 (Beautiful Girl) – Intro music

슈퍼키드 – Super Kidd (3:06)

  1. 잘살고볼일입니다 (Must Succeed)
  2. 기분 좋아 (feat. 정희주) (Feeling Good)
  3. Rock Star (not shown)

장기하와 얼굴들 – Jang Giha and the Faces (14:06)

  1. 싸구려커피 (Cheap Coffee)
  2. 그렇고 그런 사이 (In a Relationship)

피터팬컴플렉스 – Peter Pan Complex (16:55)

  1. 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐 (Eyes Keep Meeting)
  2. 사랑의 첫단계 (First Step of Love)

문샤이너스 – The Moonshiners (20:45)

  1. 검은 바다가 부른다 (Black Sea Beckons)
  2. 푸른 밤의 BEAT! (Blue Night’s Beat)

트랜스픽션Transfixion (23:20)

  1. 내게 돌아와 (Come Back to Me)
  2. 너를 원해 (I Want You)
  3. One (episode closing music)

내귀에 도청장치 – Wiretap in my ear (31:12)

  1. 파티 (Party)
  2. 실험 (Experiment)

해리빅버튼 – Hairy Big Button (36:40)

  1. Angry Face
  2. King’s Life

Which of these groups is your favorite?

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