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Baekje Cultural Complex Wallpaper (June 2013)

Baekje Cultural Complex Wallpaper

Baekje Cultural Complex Wallpaper

Our family recently traveled to Buyeo, the ancient capital city of the Baekje kingdom of Korea. Its original name was Sabi and the Baekje capital city was established there in 538 by King Seong.

The entire region is quite impressive for its cultural and natural views, though Buyeo city itself is quite small (population around 95,000 in the surrounding area). It is included on UNESCO’s Tentative List of Cultural Sites and Korea’s List of 483 Historic Sites.

Actually, because Buyeo’s population is so small and it’s a little off the trail of the more major tourist destinations in Korea, it makes a trip there quite enjoyable. There were hardly any tourists when we arrived at the Baekje Cultural Complex at 9:00am (opening time), so I was able to get a number of shots with hardly any people!

Below you can find downloads of the wallpaper I made for this month as well as a vertical design for a smart phone lock screen. Enjoy!

Computer Wallpapers

SmartPhone Lock Screen

Baekje Cultural Complex Smartphone Lock screen

Buyeo Tour (KoreanEnglish | Buyeo City)

If you’re interested in traveling to Buyeo, here is a list of things I recommend (Wikitrave Guide | Korean Tourism explanations). Click any of the links to be taken to the homepage, or a blog, or a collection of pictures related to that place:

For beautiful pictures of all of the above, check out this cool site on Skyscraper City!

Have you ever been to Buyeo? Were you as impressed as I was?

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