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YB: I’m a Singer Playlist and Songs

YB (aka YoonDo Band – 유도현 밴드) is Korea’s TOP rock band. They gained fame during the 2002 World Cup where they performed rock rendition of Arirang and their own World Cup anthem “Go Korea!” Since then, YB has made 12 records, toured Europe, and was invited in 2007 to play on “the stage” at South By Southwest (SXSW) – being the first Asian ban to do so.

I’m a Singer (나는 가수다) is a popular TV show that pits 7 singers against one another in an Amerian Idol style competition. The singer with the lowest score at the end of the night is sent home and the following week, a NEW singer is brought in to challenge the remaining singers. Many of the songs performed are not the singer’s own songs, but remixes of other popular songs. The show began in 2011 and YB was one of the first singers on the show. The following is a list of the songs he performed on the show, including the dates (where I could find them) and YouTube links. The FULL playlist is above.

I’ve included some of the original artists of the songs sung, but not all. I’ll continue to update this list as I find the remaining original singers.

YB (윤도현 밴드) – (I’m a Singer) 나는 가수다

  1. 2011.05.01 – Flying Butterfly (나는 나비 – 윤도현 밴드)
  2. 2011.05.08 – Magic Castle (마법의 성 – )
  3. 2011.05.22 – Run Devil Run (소녀시대 – Girl’s Generation)
  4. 2011.06.12 – Morning Train (새벽 기차 – )
  5. 2011.06.19 – A Cup of Coffee (커피 한 잔 – )
  6. 2011.07.03 – Round and Round (빙글 빙글 – 나미)
  7. 2011.07.10 – In the Rain (빗속에서 – )
  8. 2011.07.24 – Turn up the Radio (크게 라디오를 켜고 – )
  9. 2011.07.31 – Perverse (삐딱하게 – )
  10. 2011.08.14 – My Love (내 사람이여 – )
  11. The Sun (해야 – 마그마, 1980)
  12. I Always Miss You (나 항상 그대를)
  13. Dash (대쉬 – 윤도현 밴드)
  14. It Burns (윤도현 밴드)
  15. Desperado (데스페라도 – Eagles)

YB is my favorite Korean rock band. I saw them in concert one Christmas Day in Jeonju ~ that was pretty cool! In an upcoming post, I’ll write about the 3 YB Anthems you MUST know in order to call yourself a true fan.

What are your favorite YB songs?

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