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Beginner Vocabulary Day 29

Vocabulary List 6.4

  1. 저기요! = Over there (get someone’s attention)
    저기요! 지갑을 떨어뜨렸어요.
    Hey! You dropped your wallet.
  2. 실례합니다 = Excuse me.
    실례합니다. 이마트가 어디에요?
    Excuse me, where is Emart?
  3. ( )한테서 = From( )
    수잔씨 한테서 선물이 왔어요.
    I received a present from Susan.
  4. 꼭 = Definitely
    꼭 오세요!
    You should definitely come!
  5. 같이 = Together
    저와 같이 가요!
    Go together with me!
  1. 좀 = A little (please)
    물 좀 주시겠어요?
    Can I have a little water, please?
  2. 보여주세요 = Show me
    여권 좀 보여주세요.
    Please show me your passport.
  3. 와! = Wow!
    와! 단풍이 너무 멋져요!
    Wow! The maple trees are really wonderful!
  4. 참 = Very, really
    저 여자는 참 아름다워요!
    That girl is really beautiful!
  5. 멋있어요 = Looks great.
    저 남자는 너무 멋있어요!
    That guy is really handsome!
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