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Beginner Vocabulary Day 30

Vocabulary List 6.5

  1. 강당 = Lecture hall
    지금 강당에서 콘서트가 열려요.
    There is a concert in the Lecture Hall right now.
  2. 농구 코트 = Basketball court
    농구 코트가 더러워요.
    The basketball court is dirty.
  3. 야외음악당 = Outdoor music venue
    야외음악당에서 콘서트가 열리고 있어요.
    There is a concert at the outdoor music venue right now.
  4. 본관 = Main building
    이 건물 본관이 어디에요?
    Where is the main building?
  5. 학생회관 = Student center
    학생회관에 어떻게 가요?
    How do I get to the Student Center?
  1. 후문 = Rear gate
    여기서 후문까지 얼마나 걸려요?
    How long will it take to get to the rear gate from here?
  2. 벤치 = Bench
    우리 벤치에 잠깐 앉아요.
    Let’s sit on the bench for a moment.
  3. 분수대 = Fountain
    벤치에 앉아 분수대를 봐요.
    Let’s sit on the bench and watch the fountain.
  4. 자동판매기 = Automatic vending machine
    자동판매기에서 음료수를 뽑아마셔요.
    Let’s get a soft drink from the automatic vending machine.
  5. 공중전화(기) = Public phone
    여기에 공중전화기가 있어요?
    Is there a public phone here?
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