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Beginner Vocabulary Day 31

Vocabulary List 7.1

  1. 가깝다 = Close, near
    객사가 여기서 가까워요?
    Is Gaeksa near here?
  2. 멀다 = Far
    학교가 너무 멀어요.
    The school is far away.
  3. 길다 = Long
    내 머리는 길어요.
    I have long hair.
  4. 짧다  = Short
    저 여자 치마가 너무 짧아요.
    That girl’s skirt is too short.
  5. 높다 = High
    이 신발은 너무 높아요.
    These shoes are too high.
  1. 낮다 = Low
    이 의자는 너무 낮아요.
    This chair is too low.
  2. 덥다 = Hot
    날씨가 너무 더워요.
    The weather is too hot.
  3. 춥다 = Cold
    밖에 날씨가 많이 추워요.
    It’s very cold outside.
  4. 많다 = Many
    이 음식은 양이 많아요.
    This portion of food is huge!
  5. 적다 = Few
    나는 친구가 적어요.
    I have few friends.
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