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Beginner Vocabulary Day 3

Vocabulary List 1.3

  1. 맞아요? = Correct?
    이 번호가 맞아요?
    Is this number right?
  2. 몇번 = Which number?
    몇번을 눌러야 하죠?
    Which number should I press?
  3. 집 = House, home
    저기가 우리집이에요.
    That’s our house.
  4. 친구 = Friend
    이 분은 내 친구에요.
    This guy is my friend.
  5. 많아요 = Many
    나는 친구가 많아요.
    I have many friends.
  1. 누나 = Older sister (boy)
    나는 누나가 없어요.
    I don’t have an older sister.
  2. 오빠 = Older brother (girl)
    나는 오빠가 한 명 있어요.
    I have one older brother.
  3. 언니 = Older sister (girl)
    나는 언니가 많아요.
    I have many older sisters.
  4. 동생 = Younger sibling
    나는 동생과 쇼핑했어요.
    I went shopping with my younger sibling.
  5. 형 = Older brother (boy)
    당신은 형이 있나요?
    Do you have an older brother?
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