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Beginner Vocabulary Day 4

Vocabulary List 1.4

  1. 저희 = Us
    저희가 도와드리겠습니다.
    We’ll help you.
  2. 너희 = You (informal)
    너희들 여기서 뭐하니?
    What are you doing here?
  3. 당신들 = You (formal)
    당신들은 정말 부지런하군요.
    You’re really diligent.
  4. 그 = He
    그는 나의 남자친구에요.
    He is my boyfriend.
  5. 그녀 = She
    그녀는 내 여자친구에요.
    She is my girlfriend.
  1. 그들 = They
    그들은 낚시를 가요.
    They are going fishing.
  2. 그녀들 = They (female)
    그녀들은 찜질방에 가요.
    They are going to the sauna.
  3. 저것 = That thing (way over there)
    저것은 내 책상이에요.
    That’s my desk.
  4. 그것 = That thing (just there)
    그것을 내게 주세요.
    Please give me that.
  5. 무엇 = What thing?
    무엇을 도와드릴까요?
    What do you need help with?
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