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Beginner Vocabulary Day 35

Vocabulary List 7.5

  1. 성수기 = High-demand season
    성수기때는 호텔이 비싸요.
    Hotels are expensive during peak season.
  2. 비수기 = Slack season
    비수기에는 민박을 쉽게 구할 수 있어요.
    It’s easy to find a home stay during the slack season.
  3. 국립공원 = National park
    지리산 국립공원에 가 봤어요?
    Have you been to Jiri Mountain National Park?
  4. 관광지 = Tourist region
    관광지 음식은 비싸요.
    Food in a tourist region is expensive.
  5. 특산물 = Products unique to a region
    전주 특산물이 뭐에요?
    What are Jeonju’s special products?
  1. 배낭여행 = Backpack travel
    저는 유럽으로 배낭여행을 갈 거예요.
    I’ll go backpacking around Europe.
  2. 가족여행 = Family travel
    가족여행을 어디로 갈 거예요?
    Where are you taking your family vacation?
  3. 효도관광 = Filial piety tourism (sending elderly family members on a tour)
    저희 부모님은 태국으로 효도관광을 가셨어요.
    We sent our parents to Thailand for vacation.
  4. 벚꽃놀이 = Cherry blossom viewing party
    송광사 벚꽃놀이는 유명해요.
    SongKwang Mountain is famous for cherry blossom viewing.
  5. 단풍놀이 = Autumn leaves viewing party
    우리 이번 가을에 꼭 단풍놀이 가요.
    We are definitely going to view autumn leaves this fall.
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