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Beginner Vocabulary Day 51

Vocabulary List 11.1

  1. 드라이브하다 = Go for a drive
    저와 드라이브 해요.
    Go for a drive with me.
  2. ( ) 한잔하다 = Have one drink of ( )
    오늘 저녁 한 잔 해요.
    Let’s have a drink tonight.
  3. 계획 = Plan
    이번 여름휴가 계획 있어요?
    Do you have a plan for this summer vacation?
  4. 섬 = Island
    제주도는 유명한 섬이에요.
    Jeju island is a famous island.
  5. 찾아보다 = Try to find
    지도를 찾아보세요.
    Find it on the map.
  1. 유명하다 = Be famous
    제주도는 유명해요.
    Jeju island is famous.
  2. 특별하다 = Be special
    이번 여름 휴가는 아주 특별할 거예요.
    Let’s do something really special this summer vacation.
  3. 비행기 표 = Airplane ticket
    비행기 표 예매했어요?
    Did you reserve the airplane ticket yet?
  4. 아직 = Yet
    아직 못했어요.
    I didn’t do it yet.
  5. 특히 = Especially
    특히 성수기에는 비싸요.
    It’s especially expensive during peak season.
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