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Low Intermediate

Low Intermediate Week 2 Review

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Download this week’s Vocab/Grammar Review Sheet:

Week 2 (Units 1-2)

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week

  • Tenses: Present (formal), present (informal), past, future, progressive, past perfect
  • Negative expressions: Not able to (didn’t) vs. impossible (can’t)
  • ~지않아요.

Things that Need More Conversation Practice

  • Varying tenses
  • Talking about things you didn’t do vs. things you can’t do
  • Using different negation for “didn’t”

Things that Need Quizzed

  • Verb conjugation tables
  • Past perfect tense vs. past tense

Writing Topic

쓰기3: 당신의 취미가 무엇인가요? 예전과 지금 그리고 미래의 취미에 대해서 쓰세요.

쓰기4: 어른에게는 ‘말’ 대신 ‘말씀’을 사용해야 합니다.

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