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120 TOPIK #24 – TOPIK Editorial Essay Writing Standards


Although previously this section has always been titled “Inspiration”, I find that as I get further into my studies with TOPIK that “Information” is a more appropriate title. Therefore, I will use the two interchangeably from now on depending on context.

논설문 채점 기준 (Editorial Essay Grading Standards)

These tips are taken from the EBS book 토픽 쓰기 100점 받자! There are generally X things to remember when writing this essay (Question Type 4 in the TOPIK – 600-700 characters):

“제시된 주제를 정확하게 파악해 동희하거나 반박하는 등 자신의 입장을 정하여 글을 분량에 맞게 적절한 내용으로 쓰는 문제입니다.”

  1. Above all, understand the main idea of the question – what is it asking you to write about specifically?
  2. Choose whether to agree or disagree with the position presented – then support that position with good topic sentences and supporting points and examples
  3. Write the RIGHT amount (not less than 600 characters and not more than 700 characters) – you’ll lose points if you are outside the target length

In Korean

구분채점 근거
내용 및 과제 수행 (12점)
  1. 주어진 과제를 충실히 수행하였는가?
  2. 주제와 관련된 내용으로 구성하였는가?
  3. 내용을 풍부하고 다양하게 표현하였는가?
글의 전개 구조 (12점)
  1. 글의 구성이 명확하고 논리적이가?
  2. 중심 생각이 잘 구성되어 있는가?
  3. 논리 전개에 도움이 되는 담화 표지를 적절하게 사용하여 조직적으로 연결하였는가?
언어 / 문법 사용(13x2) = 26점
  1. 문법과 어휘를 다양하고 풍부하게 사용하며 적절한 문법과 어휘를 선택하여 사용하였는가?
  2. 문법, 어휘, 맞춤법 등의 사용이 정확한가?
  3. 글의 목적과 기능에 따라 격식에 맞게 글을 썼는가?
13-10점 (x2)9-6점 (x2)5-0점 (x2)

In English

DivisionScoring BaseHighMidLow
Contents and Task Performance (12 pts)
  1. Did you faithfully perform the given task?
  2. Is the content related to the topic?
  3. Did you use a rich variety of contents and expressions?
12-9 pts8-5 pts4-0 pts
Composition Structure (12 pts)
  1. Is the structure of the essay clear and logical?
  2. Is there a well-organized main idea?
  3. Have you used appropriate transitions and marker words to aid in the development of the essay?
12-9 pts8-5 pts4-0 pts
Use of vocabulary / grammar (13x2) = 26pts
  1. Did you use a rich variety of vocabulary and grammar, and did you select appropriate vocabulary and grammar?
  2. Are vocabulary, grammar, and spelling used correctly?
  3. Does the form of your essay carry the purpose of the essay well?
13-10 pts (x2)9-6 pts (x2)5-0 pts (x2)
50-35 pts34-19 pts18-0 pts

답안 작성 방법 (How to Write Answers)

  • Be sure you fully understand the question and write about the question. Unrelated contents = minus points
  • Use an intro(도입)-body(전개)-conclusion(마무리) style format. When you change ideas, change paragraphs
  • Although Advanced grammar and vocab is better, it’s much better to use Intermediate language WELL than use Advanced language POORLY
  • You MUST use particles (조사 = 은/는, 을/를) appropriately and avoid oral forms and catchphrases. Do not write with “~ㅂ/습니다” or “~아/어요” rather write with “~(ㄴ/는)다” as newspapers do
  • Practice organizing your thoughts on a variety of social topics (second-hand smoke, abortion, gay marriage, etc) – i.e. do previous TOPIK Writing questions for practice
  • ALWAYS write an outline (개요) with intro(도입)-body(전개)-conclusion(마무리) to help you organize your ideas
등급 (Rating)내용 및 과제수행
(Contents and Task Performance) (7 pts)
전개 구조
(Structure) (7 pts)
언어 사용
(Language Use) (16 pts)
상 (High)A11-1211-1212-13 (x2)
B9-109-1010-11 (x2)
중 (Mid)C7-87-88-9 (x2)
D5-65-66-7 (x2)
하 (Low)E3-43-44-5 (x2)
F0-20-20-3 (x2)


Get familiar with the TOPIK Grading Standards for the Editorial type essay and start practicing your writing according to the standards.

Over to you:

How is your Writing coming? I haven’t actually done much this week yet, but am hoping to get into a regular rhythm of Writing once I get off my summer schedule. Let me know how you’re doing in the Comments below or on social media with #120TOPIK.

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