Why Don’t Korean Students Care About Verb Tense When They Write Paragraphs?

If you’re teaching English Writing to Korean students, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that nearly every teacher eventually comes to: Korean students just cannot seem to get a grip on using consistent verb tenses throughout sentences and paragraphs! Why is that? Whenever you assign Writing, you receive their diaries or assignments back with present, […]

What’s In What’s Out 2014

Taking some inspiration from the above video as well as the following two links, I’ve decided to create our own list of “What’s In What’s Out” for learning Korean in 2014. What’s In What’s Out 2014: USA Today What’s In What’s Out 2014: Dave Ramsey In: Essay and Journal Writing Out: Workbooks Have you ever […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #15 – Proper spacing (띄어쓰기) in Korean can Save a person’s life!

← Day #14 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #16 → Inspiration I’m sure you’ve probably seen this image floating around the Internet before: In English, correct punctuation can save a person’s life. Well, this is very similar in Korean as well. Proper spacing (띄어쓰기) in Korean can also save a person’s life. Consider the following […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #14 – Use Dictation to improve not only your Listening, but also your Reading, Writing, AND Speaking

← Day #13 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #15 → Inspiration Listening should be an engaging, methodic, and sustained activity. Another good video today from Dr. Vakunta: the seven habits of Highly Effective Listeners: Combine active and passive listening Hybrid listening Paraphrase what you hear Skim listening Repetition cycle Shadowing Dictation Details about each strategy […]