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Beginner Vocabulary Day 52

Vocabulary List 11.2

  1. 해 (태양) = Sun
    해가 떴어요.
    The sun rose.
  2. 구름 = Cloud
    그름이 끼었어요.
    The clouds are thick.
  3. 안개 = Fog, mist
    안개가 끼었어요.
    The fog is thick.
  4. 홍수 = Flood
    서울에 홍수가 났어요.
    There was a flood in Seoul.
  5. 폭풍 = Storm
    폭풍이 오고 있어요.
    A storm is coming.
  1. 번개 = Lightning
    번개가 쳐요.
    Lightning strikes.
  2. 눈 = Snow
    눈이 와요.
    Snow is falling.
  3. 맑음 = Clear weather
    날씨가 맑아요.
    The weather is clear.
  4. 흐림 = Cloudy
    오늘은 하늘이 흐려요.
    The sky is cloudy today.
  5. 더워 = Hot
    오늘은 아주 더워요.
    It’s really hot today.
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