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Low Intermediate

Low Intermediate Week 10 Review

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Download this week’s Vocab/Grammar Review Sheet:

Week 10 (Units 23-24)

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week

  • Direct quotations 하고/라고 + Verb follows quotation marks
  • Direct quotations Verbs: (말)하다; 이야기하다; 그러다; 물어보다; 생각하다; 부탁하다; 쓰다; 듣다; 써 있다
  • Don’t use 하고 했어요, but especially not if the quote ends in 하다 Verb
  • 하고 = literal quote including original intonation, etc (i.e. children’s stories/onomatopoeia/fairy tales); 라고 = conversation/speech
  • Indirect quotation Verbs (~고 + V): 말하다; 물어보다; 전하다; 응아; 하다; 그러다
  • Indirect Declarative: V/A~(느)ㄴ다고 하다/N(이)라고 하다 (also past tense = 다고 future tense = 라고)
  • Indirect Interrogative: A/V/N + ~(으)/~(느)/(이)냐고 하다
  • Indirect Suggestive: V + ~자고 하다
  • Indirect Imperative: V + ~(으)라고 하다 (If 주다 Verb = ~아/어/여 달라고 하다 / 주라고 하다
  • Indirect Contracted = + ㅣ- 고 to everything, so 다고 = 대요; 냐고 = 냬요, etc.

Things that Need More Conversation Practice

  • Directly quote someone famous (Einstein, Jesus, etc) – teacher gives the quote – you quote it and who said it
  • Indirectly quote something you heard today from a coworker, teacher, student, etc.
  • Use ALL Indirect quote parts: Declarative, Interrogative, Suggestive, Imperative

Things that Need Quizzed

  • Properly citing Direct quotes
  • Proper ending for different types of Indirect quotes
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㅡ’ (drop it and preceding vowel determines 아/어 after)
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㄹ’ (drop it if ending begins with ㄴ, ㅂ, ㅅ)
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㅂ’ (change to 오/우 – ONLY 돕다, 곱다 = 오)
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㄷ’ (change to ㄹ)
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘르’ (delete ㅡ and add ㄹ to make ㄹㄹ (one ending in ㄹ, next beginning in ㄹ))
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㅎ’ (if -(으) next, delete both; if -아/어 next, delete ㅎ, add ㅣ)
  • How to conjugate V/A ending in ‘ㅅ’ (delete if next is vowel)

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