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Low Intermediate

Low Intermediate Week 4 Review

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Download this week’s Vocab/Grammar Review Sheet:

Week 4 (Units 4-5)

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week

  • 거나 connects TWO (sometimes three or more) verbs or adjectives
  • 거나 : verbs, adjectives :: (이)나 : nouns
  • ~ㄴ데 = second clause is opposite first (“but”)
  • 전에 for verbs = ~기 전에
  • ~고 나서 = only for verbs, but NO motion (coming/going) verbs – it expresses temporal order (A 고 나서 B = I B after A)
  • ~고 is similar to ~아/어서 – both indicate temporal relationship between events, but ~고 connects two unrelated events, ~아/어서 connects two events that go in sequence and are closely related
  • ㄹ 때 = during some time vs. 면서 = while doing some action (one subject’s simultaneous action) vs. 동안 = while (and two subjects in the two clauses can be different – i.e. expressing what Kate does while John does something)
  • 크리스마스에 vs. 크리스마스 떼 = On Christmas Day, vs. during the Christmas season
  • 자마자 = “right after”
  • ㄴ 지 ~ 되다/넘다/안 되다 (all relatively the same) = since – how much time has passed since some action
  • Tense in Korean sentences is never expressed in the first clause, but always, only in the second

Things that Need More Conversation Practice

  • 면서 vs. 동안
  • 자마자 and pronunciation in sentences with it
  • ~고, ~아/어서, and ~고 나서
  • 거나 and (이)나 in the same sentence or paragraph
  • ~ㄴ데
  • Making verb sentences with ~기 전에
  • ㄴ 지 ~ 되다

Things that Need Quizzed

  • What’s the difference between 면서 vs. 동안 and 거나 and (이)나 and ~고, ~아/어서, and ~고 나서?
  • Which verbs CAN’T be used with ~고 나서?
  • Similarity between ~고 and 동안 vs. ~아/어서 and 면서 (hint: in the former, the two subjects or actions can be totally unrelated to each other – in the latter, they MUST be closely related).
  • What’s the difference: 크리스마스에 vs. 크리스마스 떼?

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