• 03.18-shirts

    Want a Key To Korean T-shirt?

    With the rebrand of our site this year, I’ve updated a number of design elements and created some new ones including: Logo and background images Website Theme Business cards I also designed a T-shirt just for fun and I thought it looked cool enough that I thought I’d see if anyone else wanted one as […]

  • Vocabulary for Leases and Real Estate

    We again have a guest post from Darren and Yuna at askakoreanlawyer.blogspot.kr. They have some information about Renting and Deposit Protection and hopefully these phrases can help you shop smart. Leases (임대차계약서) 어휘 English meaning 임대인 landlord (legal, formal) 집주인 landlord (informal); literally, house-owner-person 임차인 tenant 보증금 Deposit 월세 Monthly rental contract (월 = month) 전세 […]

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    Get Back on That Horse that Bucked You

    There’s not much in life more discouraging than failure – except perhaps, the full feeling of failure. Many people fail at something, yet don’t feel like failures. And many other people constantly feel like failures though they succeed greatly. Every life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures. Everyone gets “bucked off the horse” […]

  • Website Updates and Downtime

    I started performing some website updates today and in my effort to speed things up and remove some of the clutter, I’m now getting some 404 errors on old posts.

    This is actually a GOOD THING because the brokenness now will help me fix things up and make everything run much faster and more smoothly in the future.

    Please BE PATIENT as we work out the kinks in this latest update. Remember, we’ve got BIG THINGS coming (initiatives to bolster a bigger and better “Community” on the site) in 2015. So, while there may be some bumps in the road along the way, ultimately, this will be for the long-term benefit of the site and its users.



  • Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty

    Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty – TOGETHER! I’m doing a small research project on Gojoseon (고조선). I’m particularly interested in: Symbols, patterns, art, designs, icons, iconic imagery from that period. I already know about Dangun, the tiger + bear, 비파형동검, dolmen, and the Bronze Age. I’m looking for links to the most famous or […]